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Water Quality and Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Consulting


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Water Quality & Municipal Solid Waste

Consulting With Purpose

Ecoair Corp. performs consulting in the two key environmental areas of water quality and the disposal of municipal solid waste. With the objective of applying the best, most recent proven scientific solutions to the task, Ecoair is associated with some of the world's leading experts in these two fields to improve both areas, particularly in less developed areas of the world.

In regard to the improving of water quality, in many areas of the world the water is unsafe for drinking. Mothers and children are especially vulnerable to the non-availability of safe drinking water, which is a leading cause of child mortality. The problem is not usually solvable with a "one solution for all" answer. Rather an integrated, customized approach is generally the best solution.

Similarly, in regard to the disposal of municipal solid waste, the current practice in many areas of the world to burn waste in open landfills has been estimated to cause 50% of the air pollution in some major cities. Interestingly, a waste to energy installation that is appropriately designed for the characteristics of the waste can turn the waste into a useable fuel to generate both electricity and useable heat while treating effluents to significantly improve the environment. In some installations, such a waste to energy system can have the additional benefit of being financially self-sufficient while also increasing the availability of energy for the local population.